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Audience member, FOLK(ISH) Glasgow

"I couldn’t help but pull the cheesiest grin from the start of the concert to the end..."

Audience member, FOLK(ISH) Glasgow

“Very, very danceable! It brought everyone a great rush of joy…"

Audience member, FOLK(ISH) Edinburgh

“ If you’ve never listened to classical music before – if you’ve never listened to a string quartet, this is the one you’ve got to come to.”
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Photographs: Caroline Burnham

Who we are

We met playing in a Scottish street orchestra, and we’ve been on a musical adventure together ever since. We’re in search of challenge, joy, and connection. Our concerts are different: we explore spaces in new ways, chat with audiences, and encourage listeners to participate in whatever ways feel right for them. Clap between movements. Get up and dance. Wear jeans. We’re so glad you’re here.

Our mission

We aim to widen access to live music in Scotland and to explore what a string quartet can be. We operate along three strands of work: ticketed performance, non-ticketed pop-ups, and community engagement work, which centres around creating opportunities for all kinds of folk to make and share music.

What we play

We gleefully cross genre boundaries. Recent projects have brought us into the realms of Scottish, American, and Indian folk music, as well as pop, jazz, and Western classical music. We take pride in tailoring performances to our listeners, curating engaging, participatory experiences for all.


Thanks for reaching out!

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